Bible Teachings

The Workman2 Timothy 2:14-192 Tim 2:14-19Jim Leffel2021
Jesus and the FutureRevelation 1:1-18Rev 1:1-18Mike Sullivan2021
Why, What, and How to Argue2 Timothy 2:16-252 Tim 2:16-25Ben Foust2021
Willing to Fight for FreedomGalatians 2:1-21Gal 2:1-21Chris Hearty2021
Confident!2 Timothy 2:8-92 Tim 2:8-9Jim Leffel2021
From Legalism to LibertyGalatians 1:10-24Gal 1:10-24Chris Hearty2021
A Mindset for Multiplying2 Timothy 2:1-72 Tim 2:1-7Jim Leffel2021
Galatians: Freedom ManifestoGalatians 1:1-12Gal 1:1-12Dennis McCallum2020
Guard the Treasure2 Timothy 1:13-2:22 Tim 1:13-2:2Ben Foust2020
After the CrossMark 16:1-8Mark 16:1-8Dennis McCallum2020

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