Colossians Teachings

God Transforms His PeopleColossians 1Col 1Dennis McCallum2005
Introducing ColossiansColossians 1:1-2Col 1:1-2Jim Leffel2008
The Power of the Gospel to SpreadColossians 1:1-8Col 1:1-8Gary DeLashmutt2009
Introduction: Good News!Colossians 1:1-8Col 1:1-8Jim Leffel2014
Four Insights Into the GospelColossians 1:1-8Col 1:1-8Gary DeLashmutt2014
Paul's Vision For SpiritualityColossians 1:1-11Col 1:1-11Dennis McCallum2014
Bearing Good FruitColossians 1:1-12Col 1:1-12Scott Risley2014
The Gospel & LoveColossians 1:2-9Col 1:2-9Ryan Lowery2014
Demonstrating the Reality of ChristColossians 1:3-5Col 1:3-5Jim Leffel2014
Serving Christ through Life's Stages and Shifting PrioritiesColossians 1:3-12Col 1:3-12Mary Barnum2015

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