Philippians Teachings

Reflections on JoyPhilippians 1:1-5Phil 1:1-5Jim Leffel2018
Championing Evangelism in Your Sphere of InfluencePhilippians 1:1-7,9-18; 2:12-16,19-31Phil 1:1-7,9-18; 2:12-16,19-31Gary DeLashmutt2005
The Epistle of JoyPhilippians 1:1-8Phil 1:1-8Jim Leffel2005
Joy and Christ-Centered RelationshipsPhilippians 1:1-8Phil 1:1-8Gary DeLashmutt2016
The Key to HappinessPhilippians 1:1-11Phil 1:1-11Gary DeLashmutt1997
God's Good WorkPhilippians 1:1-11Phil 1:1-11Scott Risley2010
Joy in RelationshipsPhilippians 1:1-11Phil 1:1-11Jim Leffel2018
Joy in AdversityPhilippians 1:1-14; Acts 16:8-39Phil 1:1-14; Acts 16:8-39Dennis McCallum2002
Introduction to PhilippiansPhilippians 1:1-30Phil 1:1-30Ryan Lowery2013
Suffering with God's PerspectivePhilippians 1:1-30Phil 1:1-30Ryan Lowery2013

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