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Spiritual ConfidenceActs 3:1-4:31Acts 3:1-4:31Ben Foust2018
Responding to Social OppositionActs 4Acts 4Gary DeLashmutt1995
Postmodernism and the ChurchActs 4:13-22Acts 4:13-22Scott Smith2008
Praying When Your World is RockedActs 4:24-30Acts 4:24-30Gary DeLashmutt2006
Spiritual AuthenticityActs 4:36-37; 5:1-14Acts 4:36-37; 5:1-14Ben Foust2018
Ananias and SapphiraActs 4:32-5:11Acts 4:32-5:11Scott Risley2009
Deadly HypocrisyActs 4:32-5:11Acts 4:32-5:11Ryan Lowery2013
A Leavening AgentActs 4:32-5:11Acts 4:32-5:11Conrad Hilario2016
Spiritual HypocrisyActs 4:32-5:14Acts 4:32-5:14Gary DeLashmutt1995
Obstacles to Spiritual Renewal Acts 4:32-5:14Acts 4:32-5:14Gary DeLashmutt2008

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