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Committed ChristianityActs 2:41-47Acts 2:41-47James Rochford2016
Evangelism InitiativesActs 2:42Acts 2:42Sherri Fojas2006
Making Disciples in the Context of Christian CommunityActs 2:42-47Acts 2:42-47Gene Getz2003
A New Community! (Part 1)Acts 2:42-47Acts 2:42-47Scott Risley2009
Spiritual CommunityActs 2:42-47Acts 2:42-47Ryan Lowery2013
A Thumbnail of the Early ChurchActs 2:42-47Acts 2:42-47Conrad Hilario2016
The Body of ChristActs 2:42-47Acts 2:42-47Dennis McCallum2016
CommunityActs 2:42-47Acts 2:42-47Ben Foust2018
The Body of Christ (Part 2)Acts 2:44-47Acts 2:44-47Dennis McCallum2009
Intro to the Xenos Home Group ModelActs 2:46Acts 2:46Phil Franck2011

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