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Proclaiming the "Good News"Acts 2:1-41Acts 2:1-41Jim Leffel2012
PentecostActs 2:1-41Acts 2:1-41Ryan Lowery2013
Outpouring of the Holy SpiritActs 2:1-41Acts 2:1-41Conrad Hilario2016
Pentecost: Contagious ChristianityActs 2:1-41Acts 2:1-41James Rochford2016
The Body of Christ (Part 1)Acts 2:41-43Acts 2:41-43Dennis McCallum2009
Priorities of a Dynamic ChurchActs 2:41-47Acts 2:41-47Gary DeLashmutt1995
The Body of ChristActs 2:41-47Acts 2:41-47Dennis McCallum2003
A New Community! (Part 2)Acts 2:41-47Acts 2:41-47Scott Risley2009
Awesome Community (Part 1)Acts 2:41-47Acts 2:41-47Jim Leffel2012
Awesome Community (Part 2)Acts 2:41-47Acts 2:41-47Jim Leffel2012

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