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The Role of the Holy Spirit in Sharing ChristActs 1:8Acts 1:8Gary DeLashmutt2020
Waiting on GodActs 1:8-26Acts 1:8-26Ben Foust2018
Elements of Effective WitnessActs 2Acts 2Gary DeLashmutt1995
The Birth of the ChurchActs 2:1-13Acts 2:1-13Gary DeLashmutt1995
The First Spiritual RenewalActs 2:1-13Acts 2:1-13Gary DeLashmutt2008
Spiritual D-DayActs 2:1-18Acts 2:1-18Dennis McCallum2009
Spiritual D-DayActs 2:1-18Acts 2:1-18Dennis McCallum2016
PentecostActs 2:1-24Acts 2:1-24Ben Foust2018
Spritual D-DayActs 2:1-41Acts 2:1-41Dennis McCallum2003
The Holy Spirit Arrives!Acts 2:1-41Acts 2:1-41Scott Risley2009

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