Acts Teachings

Introduction to the Book of ActsActs 1:1-2,6-8Acts 1:1-2,6-8Ben Foust2017
From Old to NewActs 1:1-8Acts 1:1-8Dennis McCallum2003
The CommissionActs 1:1-8Acts 1:1-8Jim Leffel2012
Becoming a Spiritual DynamoActs 1:1-8Acts 1:1-8Ryan Lowery2013
The Book of ActsActs 1:1-8Acts 1:1-8Dennis McCallum2016
Introduction to ActsActs 1:1-11Acts 1:1-11Gary DeLashmutt1995
Jesus' Parting WordsActs 1:1-11Acts 1:1-11Conrad Hilario2016
From Old to NewActs 1:1-26Acts 1:1-26Dennis McCallum2009
Something NewActs 1:1-26Acts 1:1-26Scott Risley2009
Waiting for GodActs 1:1-26Acts 1:1-26James Rochford2016

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