Jeremiah Teachings

Introducing the Man & His TimeJeremiah 1:1-16Jer 1:1-16Jim Leffel2008
"Where is the Lord?"Jeremiah 2:1-28Jer 2:1-28Jim Leffel2008
Fighting for Joy in the Crucible of MinistryPhilippians 4:4; Jeremiah 2:13Phil 4:4; Jer 2:13Todd Stewart2013
"Return to the Lord"Jeremiah 3:11-4:2Jer 3:11-4:2Jim Leffel2008
Cages of AffluenceJeremiah 5:27-28Jer 5:27-28Jim Leffel2008
What's Wrong with the Religious?Jeremiah 7:1-11Jer 7:1-11Jim Leffel2008
The Heart of God and His ServantJeremiah 8:18-9:2Jer 8:18-9:2Jim Leffel2008
Knowing GodJeremiah 9:23-24Jer 9:23-24Jim Leffel2008
Disputing with GodJeremiah 15:15-21Jer 15:15-21Jim Leffel2008
Making Sense of it AllJeremiah 16:14-16Jer 16:14-16Jim Leffel2008

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